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CR Rating

Femalethreat a posted Jan 21, 12
Hey guys. Can everybody leave a comment under the post titled CR rating. We need to know everybodys rating so we can start building FOS teams and other things. Thanks!

Current Members!

Femalethreat a posted Dec 19, 11
All current members of the league!!!
Please submit a application via the recruitment link at the top. I need this done so I can put everybody's info in! Thanks!
Hello and Welcome to Hostile Takeover. If you play DC Universe Online, and your a villain, I am pretty sure you have seen one of the league members around. If you are a Hero, well I'm pretty sure you have gotten your heroic butt beaten by one of the members.

We are currently recruiting for all roles, so please register first and head over to the recruitment page to apply.

League Level Ups/Quest Help

If you need any help leveling up or completing a quest please head to the forums and post a thread asking for help. Every league member is required to help out other members whenever they can. We are aiming for everyone to be level 30.

We will be working on a way to help members with their gear soon.

If you have any questions please ask one of the leaders or admins for any help.
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